The younger generation needs to play an role in getting education,Vassilakou Evangelia

Greece:(Zameeni Haqaiq) Vassilakou Evangelia, a well-known Award-winning Greek Academic English teacher at the English Academy of Languages, and Metropolitan College said that the younger generation needs to play an important role in getting an education.

According to Global Times media Report, She said that the importance and usefulness of education in the present age cannot be denied as women are half of the society,therefore, their education and training is necessary and indispensable for the development and welfare of both the nation and the society.

Education leads to the development and decline of nations.It is important that students have good academic guidance as well as character building with higher education .

Well-known Award-winning English Academy of Languages teacher Vassilakou Evangelia said in a press statement with International Global Times Media Europe, that no country or society can imagine any kind of development unless they recognize the importance of knowledge in the society or nation and consider it indispensable for the development of their country.

She further added that knowledge is power per se and reshapes societies, attitudes, beliefs and convictions in a benevolent way. Likewise, education can eradicate prefabricated ideas, stereotypes and asymmetries in people by enlightening and raising moral awareness of the young generation.

This, in turn, can create a better world and sustainable development, eudaimonic communities and thriving moral principles. Illiteracy can be defeated and bright educated young minds can take the lead,she added.


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