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zameenihaqaiq.com is Pakistan’s news website that provides latest News in Urdu and English language. Eng.zameenihaqaiq.com is a english creation for english readers. Believing in the philosophy of unbiased reporting in an ethical and responsible manner, zameenihaqaiq.com over the 10 years has been bringing authentic news with no political affiliation/s or hidden agenda.

zameenihaqaiq.com also happens to be the leading website working on innovative journalism initiatives that includes user generated content,endeavors to continue bringing wider, smarter, unbiased news and independent reviews through its largely appreciated news reports.

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Mehboob ur Rehman Tanoli          Editor
Sajid Farooq                                       Managing Editor
Mughees ur rehman                               Marketing Manager
Khurshid Ahmed                               News desk In charge
Arshid Farooq                                    Sub editor/ reporter

Imran Ali                                             N.L.E
Niqash Saleem Gharaphic               Designer
Waheed ur rehman                           Composer