“Role of Livestock and Poultry Sector for Food Supply”

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Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon

World is facing severe challenge of COVID-19. Number of people with infection are increasing and counties on map are under the effect of contagious disease. All stakeholders across the world are working to find A solution. It is time where everyone has to own the responsibility and have to behave as responsible citizens and above all a NATION.

Government, Health Workers, Forces, Public and Private Stakeholders are concerned, all are active and playing important role on frontline. Everyone is asking a question how I can support mankind and my country, this shows positivity, gives HOPE and we are expecting to overcome this situation very soon.

Pakistan is land of opportunities (my favorite line) adding land of HOPE as well. Need of hour is to think and work as ONE NATION. We are blessed with bundle of natural resources and good people in country who have stepped ahead to stand by Government and working on confronted and potential challenges.

This is time we can work and think deeply what could be possible and potential challenges during this time and in coming future. World has been proved to be Global Village but question is, is it today same, the way we have been thinking before pandemic disease? There is uncertainty ofcourse we are very much hopeful to fight back and overcome this situation. Take a moment and think what could be potential challenges short term, medium term and long term. Globe can vary with problem and their severity, based on my vision I have recapped key challenges for Pakistan as below.

i) Short term challenges:

  • Immediate cure and protection of people.
  • Availability of Health services.
  • Diagnostic kits and capacities for screening.
  • Mass awareness to people and implement precautionary measures.
  • Measure the effect of cut off and lock down on poor people.
  • Avoid panic situation.
  • Food security.
  • Maintaining social distance.
  • Media positive role.
  • Involve youth through virtual positive program and educational programs.
  • Correct use of social media and allied services like WhatsApp and FB etc.
  • Urgent things needed must be available and accessible.

ii) Medium term challenges

  • Frozen Economic conditions.
  • Per capital income decline.
  • Revenue and profits would be flattened.
  • Medium size business would be weaken.
  • No time line to flatten the curve of disease.
  • Supplies of livelihood consistency – Food security.
  • Status of import and export.
  • Effect on 60% population from rural area of country.
  • Measures and preparation after lockdown.
  • Consistent practices for healthcare and execution.

iii) Long term challenges:

  • Food security.
  • Health services and consistent support and facilities.
  • Economy.
  • Jobs for jobless.
  • Create opportunities for businesses.
  • Rebate and relaxation on taxation for decent duration.

There could be number of more potential challenges which can be added. If we pick-up real-time challenges then Food security, Economy and Health would be ever time key concern.

Being associated with chain of 4F’s we have our great role. Supply chain from Field (Agriculture), Feed (Basic for animal-based protein), Farm (Livestock, poultry & aquaculture) and Food (Agrifood, which includes vegetables, Agri-commodity, poultry meat, eggs, beef etc.) we are blessed to have local production and reasonably good production of Wheat, Corn, Rice, Poultry, Milk, Eggs and Vegetables like Tomato, Potato and Onion etc. Being professional and representative of Agrifood Business, we assure that whole community is working hard to maintain, sustain and make things available on affordable prices. Though for more than one-year time livestock and poultry industry specifically have been suffering because of high input prices (Import duties, Taxation tariff, $ appreciation) and unit price per kg lower than cost of production because of lower purchase power of people and high inflation in country.

It is proven scientifically that immunity play important role in prevention and response of any cure. Role of Agrifood poultry & livestock is quite eminent and needs no further elaboration. It is important part of the food habit and need of hour is to sustain production and supply for people to cope of protein requirement on daily basis.

Putting forward some suggestions for livestock and poultry segment and also requesting government authorities to support this well developed and strong pillar of food economy which can be trusted for local supply on affordable prices.

  • Bale out package and reducing input duties – Government.
  • FOOD ON WHEEL Model – Rethink packing and Supply Chain Model
  • Efficiency in production and use ag-technologies for better performance.
  • Technologies invasion and disrupter adaptation to reduce cost per kg.
  • Regional (Cities wise) Supply Chain System should be developed and focused.
  • Compartmentalization (country wise) should be mapped on immediate basis.
  • Consumer Corner – Awareness programs. Design nutritional programs for all ages, Children, Teenage, Men, Women and Old age groups. Assess the prosumer demand.
  • Capitalize on existing strength of 4F’s and launch ABCD-Agri business Coaching & Development program for both producers and consumers.

This crisis is great opportunity for our country and we will bounce back with new ideas and value proposition. We are hopeful to evolve back and our best wishes and prayers for our country fellows and whole WORLD.
Let’s be ONE NATION to fight against COVID-19.

( Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon is Free Lance Writer, Expert Poultry sector and social worker. sjadoon@alltech.com

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